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Friss/News : "Brian Molko a nap pasija", szeptemberi interjú

"Brian Molko a nap pasija", szeptemberi interjú

Netti  2010.12.22. 10:42

Hellooooo! :))

Hoztam Nektek interjút és cikket is! :))


Kicsit kaotikus ez az interjúszerű valami. 2010. szeptember 24.-én készült.

It was like that: September 24 ... morning ... alarm goes off, reminding that Placebo-holidays have ended and it’s time to get back to work. Reluctantly, I get up, wash and dress. Passing the table, I notice a pendant of “Eclipse”, lying among the rubbish: airline and concert tickets, set lists and other paraphernalia. Taking a second breath and thinking: It happened ... it passed ... and that’s all.

End of a story ...a beautiful story, which certainly will have a special place in my memories and heart. And then came the emptiness ... even a fear that ... I won’t see Modelka anymore. This wonderful charming person, with miraculous curls, who threw her arms around my neck during our first meeting, as if she knew me for a thousand years …I won’t see Torpil. This red-haired beast, in a short skirt and sneakers, who offered me help during the first minutes of our conversation, who kept the promise and even more... I will have nothing to write to Margo - my 14 years old friend, with whom I could spend all night reflecting "on topic". .. Pictures, memories and tears came up the surface. However, the second alarm, notifying that it was time to go, did let me become mellow. I grabbed my jacket and went.

In the office I had a cup of coffee ... coffee instead of breakfast ... couldn’t think about work. Colleagues with questions ... I don’t reply. I’m concentrating on myself, trying to escape in the thoughts of work. It’s no good. All wrapped in swaddling clothes, I see flashbacks of the first concert, hear sounds of Every Me & Every You ... when I and Modelka sharply turned our heads to each other and in one voice said: "FORGOT!”... yes, he had simply forgotten a verse ... but because of this, we became one step closer to this man, experienced this unity...

Next picture: I was hanging on the railing in front of the stage, tears slowly flowing down the cheeks and falling on a cold iron ... no emotions ... just buzzing in the ears and the emptiness in the heart...

Next up: sounds lovely Trigger Happy, I danced for 2 gigs, standing directly in the front of sound engineers ... dancing frantically. In one meter radius, people parted… giving me a freedom of action ...

After: HE in five step distance, Kate on my left, looks at him and doesn’t move... Thunder of sound, people jumping, waving their hands ... but she doesn’t move ... she is standing and watching... and she is feeling good...

... And his eyes ... and a mad grin of Steve and Steph came up here ... He exhaled cigarette smoke upwards (so that everyone could see), and all-girls went "a-ah!", receiving "Thank you" in pure Russian ...

Yes, it was long, long waiting, the act, and now an aftertaste ... but why is it so bitter? Again tears fill my eyes ... The end ... But not only that gnaws within. What kindles the fire even more, is that now, I’m at my workplace, at the airport, not knowing, whether they flew away already or are still breathing air of St. Petersburg... Thinking of the fact that: thanks to his work, I have had the honor to meet and talk with many people, and when the moment of a possibility to realize my dream is so close, I'm completely in the dark, incinerated.

It slowly kills. With every second it was getting worse and worse. Girls brought me some sedative and let me rest on a sofa. It’s strange, because I’m old enough, my brain is aware of the comic side of a situation, but the nerves are still tensed. Accumulated fatigue has played its role, too.

After a couple of hours I feel better, collected my thoughts and get back to work. But still - the thought: to check the list of a departing passengers for Molkos name doesn’t leave me. Since I’m not fully “back-to-normal” state of mind, I ask my friend to look through the information. And right before the start of registration for a flight to London, she comes with news that: yes, there are on a list!

There was no time and strength for the next shock phase. I get dressed and it leads my mind to a working state, I’m going into the Departure Hall. A crowd of girls in quivering anticipation near the entrance tells us that they haven’t gone through yet. I understand that if I have to hang around here for the entire registration, then I will go crazy. But without having time to fully realize all that happens, I see a cherished car, driving to the entrance. The door opens and ... Steph comes first, Molko just after him. A fuss begins; girls start to make noise and surround them from all sides. By noticing, how tall Stef is, I manage to pick him up on the way to first-line screening and offer them my help in passing all the formalities. He doesn’t understand everything what I’m saying, nevertheless agrees, and I redirect them to the VIP entrance. The very fortunate ones get an autograph from passing Brian, behind a fence, I ask the policeman and the three of us (along with the guard) manage to separate "stuck" fans from them and close the door behind them. It seems to be possible to breathe again, but no, somehow a woman (about forty years old), has managed to climb over a popup and squeal at Brian. The security guard is running after her, but she always manages to slip through his hands and again run to the poor tensed Molko. Without a word he is trying to evade her. Realizing that she will not achieve anything from him, she runs to me, puts into my hands of a pack of papers, explaining that these are letters of her two daughters (one of which is 9 years old) and that they must be handed to him. Then the guard manages to catch the woman, we all feel relieved, and move her behind the door. And I'm standing with these letters in my hands. Okay, I think, I’ll try to deliver them.

While all this one-woman’s show was played, Molko, has moved closely to me. And with him comes long awaited peace ... and ... a gateway to the new world, a world of an ordinary person, not a star. He raises his eyes and asks the usual question: "The hat and jacket?" (A standard procedure for screening at the airport includes the removal of headwear and outerwear). With smart face, I affirmatively reply. All together we go through the frame, customs, registration. On the way to the border guards I have time to thank for the two successful and one not concerts. While referring to the last, Brian lowers his gaze to a side. Conducting them through official passport control booth, I remember the request of a woman and am trying to give them letter. At that

Molko, to my surprise, says: ”Is this a letter from that crazy woman? I will not take it! She's not normal, did you notice? And in the first place: I am not interested in them. I’ll have something to read in the airplane. And secondly, due to my reputation, I'm afraid of terrorist attacks. Anything can lie inside.”

An explanation was clear. “I understand you”, was my response, and I put the letter in a folder. We continue to go towards a business lounge. I said to the boys that I will come back, and went to the office.

Being calm around them (thankfully to my experience), here I am becoming emotional again. Tremor goes through the entire body, I go to wash my face several times, and they handle a bunch of pills to me again. Catching my breath and thinking that I have no strength to return to them there. The idea that some people will not forgive, if I do not ask about their impressions about gifts, gives me a motivation to go back.

Half an hour later I’m heading towards them. Stef digs in a notebook, Molko is reading a book. No one else of the band is near. I went over, smiling broadly, saying that it's me again. I beg to sign. Extend my hand, Brian, as feeling that on this I will not end with it, offers me to sit down. I’m sitting the armchair opposite. Looking at an empty table, I ask, if they are informed that this self-service bar. The boys respond that yes, we realized just going for it.
Steph, is lifting and throwing a phrase: "Would you like me to bring you something?". I think it’s a logical question, but Molko for some reason did not react. I lift my eyes to Olsdal, and see a questioning glance in my direction.
"Would you like me to bring something?" - He repeats.
Well, it was good that I was sitting, I thought ... No, I answered, I'm at work. Nodding, Steph goes, Molko goes with him. And I'm staying alone with my shaking knees, frantically trying to remember how in English is a word "матрешка". The boys returned with full hands of snacks, Steph put in front of me a bank of Cola Light, he had the same for himself. (That's something I did not expect). Brian came back with a tomato juice (did not have time to catch, whether it is poured with something stronger than that)).

Well I thought, I'll start a talking and maybe the thing with dolls comes up by itself, and they will understand. I started with a brief history, saying that there is a fan club and blah blah ... finished:

- A few words about our gift in the form of three Russian dolls (matryoshka dolls)?
- Oh, we saw them. Yes, it's great - said Brian (Stef at this time was distracted by the laptop)- Steve brought them to us, we had a long laugh. When you see something original: this indicates that fans are interesting and with a sense of humor. This can not fail to bring a joy.
- What about spoons for Cody?
- Spoons?
- Yes, a wooden spoon (I could not provide the details, because I haven’t seen them)
- Hmm, I'll ask. You remember about my son? Thank you, for your concern. I think he’d like it, too.

Brian answered, looking straight into my eyes and smiled an easy half-smile. Because of the fact that the person is ready to chat, trembling left, and the confidence came.

He has a very soft voice, mesmerizing, I would say, introducing in a trance. Emboldened, I told him about my observation and I suggested him to write a mantra (well, my mind choosed a strange direction, I admit ...). He enthusiastically listened (while enjoying the compliments) and started to answer. But the company (as it turned out it was a group of Chris de Burgh, flying with them on the same flight, but for which EM has ordered the same VIP-service) at the next table started a vigorously discussing something and his answer to melted in the general uproar. Seeing my displeasure (about the situation), he offered me to sit closer, so he wount strain his vocal cords. I'm making an incredible effort over himself (yes, I understand that girls) and move to sit in a chair next to him, and he repeated the answer:
- An interesting suggestion. I will have to think about it. Are you keen on this music?
- Yes, I am interested in the culture in general and music in particular. It has been long since I want to visit India, but I can’t get there.
- Oh, I was in India. Yes, that is a special world. You have to visit it. India changes a person. It has changed me very much. And I think for the better.
- Well, what you are writing new songs, releasing an album, and you're on a tour indicates that it is all going to be well.
- Maybe so. True, this album and this tour, too, has changed me and us.
- For the better?
- I don’t know yet.
- Tiered?
- Yes. To some extent this is certainly a pleasant tiredness. But the physiological fatigue begins to take over.

Then of course I wanted to ask about the 20th of the September, but thought to myself, that I shouldn’t touch the unhealed wound.

- Well, you are tired, so I will not distract you. I have just one last question: What about photos?
- With me?
- No, with me. (Yes, sometimes I'm too cocky ... uncontrollably ...)
He smiled broadly, but waved his head in a denial.
- Look at us, we all look very bad now. I don’t want persons like that remain etched on the photo.
- Well, Brian, "I was beginning to beg. Come, come from afar.
- No. You helped us a lot, thank you, but my answer is no.
- Stop. Do not take it wrong. It was all done selflessly.
- Yes, I believe - again, broadly smiling, he says ... - And no, just because I think we've already been photographed.
He points me to look away. I look up and see, that there is my friend with a camera in her hands and smiling.

For me it was a complete surprise. I desperately explained that nothing was planned, and that if he says we can now erase everything.
- Come on, let it be. Thank you for the conversation.
- I have to thank you. Thank you all (there Steph, hearing words of thanks, breaks away from the beech and listens attentively). From a pure heart: thank you for the music, the word for energy. I wish you new songs, albums, and concerts. We love you. I love you.
They both gave "thanks" in the reply and gave a broad smile. In parting, as expected, we shake hands.

Feeling like in oblivion, I went to the office.

Why? Why did it happen to me?
The still haven’t found the answer.
After analyzing - what happened. Flogging myself for what was and was not told, what was and was not done.

Yet, I came to the conclusion: these new acquaintances with Placebo-people, these concerts, and the hour spent in their world - it is best that you could wish for this short journey that is called life. Thank you. I'll never forget it.

Aztán, tegnap este akadtám rá erre a cikkre. Érdekes. :)


A nap pasija: Brian Molko

Megosztjuk az olvasótáborunkat ezzel a pasival, hiszen ez a figura vagy nagyon tetszik valakinek, vagy undorítónak találja. Mi, most a nap pasijává tesszük.

Brian Molko közel negyvenévesen, a világhírű Placebo rock zenekar énekes-gitárosa. A legizgalmasabb bulvárinformáció róla még ma is, a nyílt biszexualitása, pedig ezt Brian mindig is felvállalta. Színpadra való vágyódása már kistiniként megmutatkozott, színjátszó körök tagja volt, de a zene már ekkor jelen volt az életében. Kisebb-nagyobb filmszerepei is voltak, de a karrierjét a Placebo indította be.

Az egyetem után Brian főleg azzal keresett pénzt, hogy különböző bárokban vállalt fellépéseket. Akkoriban már rendszeresen kifestette magát, s hatalmas kék szemeivel meg hosszú fekete hajával valóban elég nőiesen festett. Nem egyszer megesett, hogy miután bemutatkozott egy férfinak az meglepetten így szólt: „Elég furcsa név egy lánynak az, hogy Brian.” Ő erre ártatlanul azt válaszolt, hogy: „De én nem is vagyok lány.”



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