Today by way of a viral social media campaign Placebo released a new short film / music video for Trigger Happy Hands, later announced via as a new single [not officially confirmed]. The song had gained a great response from live shows throughout the latter half of the Battle For the Sun tour, but has since had a mixed response to its studio release on the Battle For the Sun REDUX album.

Via the Official Placebo Facebook Page we were told to meet at 13:00GMT today. Upon doing so we were given a teaser video and told to come back in exactly one hour.

The video featured a clown referring to himself only as “father”, uploaded on an account called father. During the next hour through clues found on twitter, fans were given hints as to what awaited, most of which were discovered using the search tag #cmfather (“call me father”). It revealed this spooky twitter account @cmfather and many photographs of bloodied clown heads, glittering guns, creepy clown photos and explosives triggers, asking “do you give a fuck?”

Finally the big reveal, and…. an unfortunate set of circumstances. Seems a flu addled mind forgot to unlock & make public the special video at the exact moment thousands of eyes sat waiting…and then grew agitated. Eventually fans were lead to a working link of! Whilst random members of the press were ‘kidnapped’ by gun toting clowns and taken to their own secluded premiere with the band.

We understand this event was several months in the planning. It was momentarily a great buzz and much fun was had at the Placebo Forum eagerly awaiting new clues. But, was it worth the wait, do you give a fuck? Opinions seem divided.

TRIGGER HAPPY HANDS from Father on Vimeo.

Directed by Andreas Nilsson
Written by Andreas Nilsson & Jeff Tetreault
Executive Producer – Jason Botkin
Producer – Marisol Aragon
Director Of Photography – Mattias Keonigswierser
Editor – Ben Campbell
Art Director – Ethan Tombman

(c) Dreambrother Ltd

View more photos of clowns and sets here: