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Friss/News : Homegrown Heroes Kerrang!,rajzom :D, interjú, videó letöltés

Homegrown Heroes Kerrang!,rajzom :D, interjú, videó letöltés

Netti  2010.11.20. 11:37


Mióta a turné véget ért Brian betegeskedése miatt ,így azóta semmi hír sincs róluk. De , mivel már nagyon rég volt friss így hoztam egy placebos puszedlis rajzot, interjút és egy régi videót is a poszteren kívül. :P

A Kerrang magazinban a "Homegrown Heroes" kategóriában van egy poszter Brianről. Nekem tetszik, aranyos rajta :))

image (nagyobb méret)

Ezt még jó múltkor rajzoltam :D Nem  a legjobb, de szerintem aranyosak :))

(itt az eredeti, ha gondoljátok ti is rajzoljátok le és rakjátok be fórumba! :)) )

Most találtam (valószinűleg szeptemberi) egy interjút Briannel. Angolul. Akinek van kedve lefordíthatja és belinkelheti fórumba :))

Interview with Brian Molko


Placebo managers were holding us in tension for a while and confirmed the interview with the band frontman Brian Molko only an hour before the concert.
While "Marakesh" were "heating up" the audience at the MVC (sorry, don't know how it should be called in English) stage, we have been granted 10 minutes for conversation with Molko. It's hard to dive into subjects that interested us with such tight schedule, that's why we only briefly touched the basics.
Concerning Placebo's rigid schedule, we expected to see a tired zombie, but instead in the chair in front of us there is sitting smiley and hospitable Brian Molko.
There isn't a slightest hint in his image that Placebo have been touring for 15 months, with almost no lulls. And certainly no prerequisites to the fact, that 2 days later Brian will cancel the show in Moscow because of illness. Today Molko is laughing, humming something (it's a pity, that we were not allowed to photoshoot the interview). Hello - hello! Shall we begin?

First of all, how are you? You came to Kiev on Thursday, what were you doing yesterday? How do you find Kiev?

I'm fine. We have been to Kiev before. Yesterday we were sleeping. We travel alot, so we prefer to sleep a lot in free time, sometimes we have a dinner together.

That's funny, you mentioned that you have already been to Kiev. I think, you don't remember your last visit here anyway.
I do a little bit... Do you? (*laughs*)

I remember it fine! But it was three years ago.
Oh yeah... A lot has happened during this time, you know.

You got that right! By the way, about what's happened: recently you have recorded a cover of «West End Girls» by Pet Shop Boys specially for Fiona's album. (Here author rights about who Fiona is and how she is related to Placebo.) Could you tell about it? Why did you choose this track specifically?
I didn't choose, Fiona has offered it. I grew up listening to that song and that band. I was always a fan of Pet Shop Boys. Also, I like recording tracks with violins and orchestra. I have already done it a couple of times.

Like that summer performance in Brussels, when you sang «Across the Universe» and «Ne me quitte pas»?

That's right. I love the orchestra sound.

This year you recorded covers of "West End Girls" by PSB for Fiona, a cover of «Summertime Rolls» by Jane’s Addiction for Losers...
Oh, wow!

I'm really impressed! You're the first guy in six months, or more, who decided to fucking study my works, and who is interesting to talk with! (*laughter*)

Thanks. So, should we wait for some other interesting creative aliances in the nearest future?
I don't know. Right now we are only trying to make to the end of the tour and stay as a whole, counting days.

But you must be happy? You said it not once, that that's the tour life the rock band should lead?

No. All this is taking too long. I'm ready. Ready for vacation. I want to go home, want to spend time with my son.

In that case, how do you see your future? Like Trent Reznor - to reject the touring, to record the music in the studio, or like Debbie Harry - touring again and again, without thinking about ageing?
I've got no idea. Few years ago I would have known the answer for sure. But long touring alienates you from the family, and being a parent is very importaant to me. I'd like to find a way to keep making music and staying a parent at the same time.

Considering all your side-projects and creative aliances with your vocals, there would enough songs for full-fledged solo album of Brian Molko (*Brian smiles broadly and nodes*), moreover, it would sound more electronical than Placebo. Have you ever had an idea to make a solo album?
Ofcourse! Many times! But I think that right now it's not the main priority in my desire list. (here author says this morpheme has untranslatable charm and he didn't want to translate it to russian :love: ) Right now I don't need it. But I can't predict the future. All the things that I said I would never do, I have finally done. Only stupid people don't change their decisions. (*Brian smiles broadly, obviously happy about his aphorism*).

In '97 Placebo were performing at the David Bowie's 50-year old birthday party in New York. It was a significant moment in the band's career - you made acquainted with the world's musicians. I was always wondering, how did you remember that day?
I think, it was actually in '96. It was incredible. We weren't getting acquainted with them as much as we were just observing them - like kids at candy shop.

In the album "Meds" you did 2 wonderful duets - with Michael Stipe and alison Mosshart. In "Battle for the Sun" you did everything on your own. Are you ready for new partnership now?
Probably, but I don't know yet who is that gonna be with. You know, when we make an album, we want it to differ from the previous one. But if we will make something opposite to the last album, we will come back to the one before it. That's why we will need to find new spaces.

Do you have any ideas for new spaces?

I'm not telling you! (*laughs*)

But Placebo was always a band that writes songs during the tour. It was always like that, am I right? Have you already got something recorded for the new album?
Yes, ofcourse, we have some new songs. But I still don't know what the hell am I going to do with them.

You appeared in the movie "Velvet Goldmine". Would you like to do some movie work again? Which movie project could be interesting for you?

I don' know...there are still a lot of positive memories left of "Velvet Goldmine", because I've worked with one of my favourite directors. But I don't know if this job is my thing, because you had to sit a long time without any work while filming.
Anyway, nobody offers me any interesting projects. It depends on who'll knock on my door. But I'm not keen on a Hollywood career.

And now tell me why you brought "Nancy Boy" back on the setlist. You've said several times that you hate this song.
Yes, but we wanted to do something interesting. Our last setlist was very dark, and for the summer festivals we wanted to do something more colourful, metaphoric. And we realized that the people least expected to hear Nancy Boy, so we had to play it as the opening song.

Placebo is a fantastic live band, but you still have only one Live DVD. Do you plan to make a new one?
You know, nobody buys them anymore. Nobody buys albums, nobody buys Live - DVDs. But we still like recording them. Besides, new technologies give us new opportunities. Some people of this area accompany us, so maybe we can use their work. (Brian points at a camera that is recording the whole interview)

What's your favourite Placebo music video?
The one I'm not in.

Mh, Song to Say Goodbye?
And Song To Say Goodbye and Trigger Happy Hands and all the animation clips we did.

So you don't like performing in music videos?

Well, I have to. But, you know, it's very difficult to turn a music video into a piece of art. Mostly, they just become marketing tools. It's hard to balance.

What's your favourite music at the moment?
I love The Black Angels, The Black Kids, I love Psychedelia, like Dungen from Sweden or the Canadians Black Mountain. Different things inspired by my first love - music from the 60ies. Neo Psychedelia. It's very interesting for me at the moment.

You have to admit, that Placebo sounds less androgynous and pretentious, record by record. In the meantime, more and more like a successful rock band. Did you just grow up or got tired of eyeliner, the bisexual image and all the other usual Placebo attributs?

It's still part of who we are, but when you grow up, you braoden your horizont. So now we consciously focus on other things.

Placebo's manager appears. The group has to get ready. "Fuck, and I wanted to continue talking - says Brian - you'll stay for the concert, won't you?" "Yes" - I answer. "Then I see you soon, I hope". We shake hands. Ten minutes later they sing Nancy Boy. And ten other awesome songs. We hadn't time to talk about everything. We will coninue, in three years, maybe.

Menjünk kicsit vissza az időbe :) 2001 környékére.

Skyscape, Millenium Dome


01 - Taste In Men
02 - Nancy Boy
03 - Pure Morning
04 - Spot TV

image image imageimage

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2010.11.30. 19:47

Nagyon jó interjú,nekem is tetszik! Jó kérdések-szimpatikus alany.Azért egy szóló albumnak sokan örülnénk.Ha itt lenne is késő volna!Köszi,hogy beraktad!(bár több hasonló lenne a magyar újságokban)

2010.11.24. 17:23

Ez az interjú igen jól sikerült.Sajnos nem tudtam teljesen érthetően lefordítani de nagyon sok jó dologról beszél benne Brian.Én megértettem.Köszi!!!!!

2010.11.21. 17:52

Én meg ezt az interjút !!!

2010.11.21. 15:20


2010.11.20. 16:56

Ez nagggyyyoooon jóóóóóó!!!! 

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